That's Knot All!

By Reverend Lisa Judy
A Minister of Good Faith
Non-denominational Minister, Officiant & Celebrant

Love's Trail

A'down the sunlit trial of love
Into land of dreams come true
Where tranquil are the skies above
And birds sing ~ just for you!

A'down the trail of Heart's Desire
That leads to happiness
May heaven send it's sweetest gifts
Your future life to bless.


May the sweet tomorrows that are to be

Each be filled with love's own ecstacy

May hopes fulfilled and dreams come true

Make life a thing of joy for you

And as you wend you wedded way through years to be

May each year leave within your heart a happy memory

The Wedding Day

What holdeth life so dear as this

The wedding Day! Oh, time of bliss!

When flowers waft their sweet perfume

And birds sing joyously in tune


Oh, day of memories! skies of blue!

Oh, day of fondest dreams come true!

May all it's joy,'ere years are spent

But deepen into sweet content

A wedding prayer

God give you joy through future years,

God give you hope to gleam through tears,

God give you faith, that every day

He'll scatter blessings on your way

God give you happy hearts that sing

And make of life a joyous thing --

God keep your love, unwavering, true,

To light the path ahead for you

Wedding Wishes

No blossom sweet but breathes a prayer

For joy complete unto the air

No silvery bell's clear melody

But that foretells in harmony

The happiness that is in store --

With god to bless thee evermore

And as the hours fade away

Into a memory divine --

God bless thee always, day by day

With happiness for thee and thine.

Best Wishes

Even as the radiance of your wedding day imparts
The roseate glow of gladness that fills your happy hearts
So may your future years be bright
With Love's own, steadfast ray
May realized dreams and constant streams of sunshine come your way


Through fame and fortuen may be ours

Fond memory recalls

The happiest of happy hours --

Those spent within the walls

Of home -- how much that one word holds

Of sweetness -- what surcease

From cares of life -- how it enfolds

the heart in perfect peace!

It seems God guardds it from above

through all the passing years

It stands, a hallowed place of love

To bring our joy and tears.

What matters one brief hour of care:

The sunshine seems so near

When we meet life's shadows there

With those we hold most dear.

In seeking happiness, we find,

Wherever we may roam,

It waits -- a gift of love divine,

Within the arms of --Home!