That's Knot All!

By Reverend Lisa Judy
A Minister of Good Faith
Non-denominational Minister, Officiant & Celebrant

Reverend Lisa Judy

Non-denominational Minister

A fresh look at an age old tradition

     I am Lisa Judy an evolving officiant eager to help you convey your feelings for a special ceremony, celebration or memorial...our moments in life!

     As with life my journey began as a young single parent of two children.  The biggest part of my life was spent working in a small hometown cafe'.  This experience taught me a great sense of customer service and people skills.  I supplemented my minimal income by working closely with my maternal grandparents in their venture as commercial landlords, doing everything from swabbing floors, painting and bookkeeping.  This need became more evident as we slowly lost a whole generation that should have outlived us all.  

Since 1997 I have also been an assistant for an older disabled lady who has become very important to me in my mission to become a better person.  Her insights and family losses have also greatly affected me but will carry on with me long after her passing in 2011.  

For a few years I worked with elderly disabled people with dementia through part-time employment with Visiting Angels.  This experience taught me the a lot about what it means to grow older and the struggles that go with it.  In 2010 we lost the matriarch (maternal grandmother) of our family and have taken over the business management, household and caregiving for my grandfather whom I live with today.

     I am very patient, honest, friendly, compassionate, dependable, punctual, flexible, professional and open minded so personal views, spirituality (or not), religious beliefs (or not) and character (flaws or not) are all welcome.  These things make us all unique.  

My Goal

To assist you in expressing your love for another, fulfill a need that is so relevant in the progression and evolution of life and death and help make the process easier for those involved.  To help you burn bright without burning out!

My objective

To offer support, guidance and choices to help make these life's expressions easier for you and more memorable for your family, friends and loved ones.  To help you make your dreams come true and to help you express it through words and help you put the "WE" in your wedding

My slogan

To live and help live!       Live Laugh Love and most of all Learn!

Universal LIfe Beliefs

     Goal - a fuller life for everyone

     Objective - eternal progression

     Slogan - to live and help live

          We want - to be competent, to be proficient, to love our fellow man, to appreciate, to be honest, to be  moral, to live positively, and to be what we profess.



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